Harga Daihatsu New Xenia 2012

18 Jul

Xenia, Indonesian family pride
Welcomes the All New Daihatsu Xenia, the vehicle for the family of Indonesia with a variety of designs and new features that will make the driving experience with pride

harga xenia
with VVT-i engine, all-new Xenia makes distance no longer an issue. Explore new places, and special moments with economical fuel consumption.

Price Daihatsu Xenia in Jakarta as of February 1, 2012

Varian Harga
XENIA X MT 1.3 Rp. 144,500,000.00
XENIA D MT 1.0 Rp. 133,400,000.00
XENIA D MT 1.0 STANDARD Rp. 127,600,000.00
XENIA M MT 1.0 Rp. 142,100,000.00
XENIA M MT 1.0 FAMILY Rp. 149,500,000.00
XENIA M MT 1.0 SPORTY Rp. 150,400,000.00
XENIA M MT 1.0 STANDARD Rp. 131,600,000.00
XENIA R AT 1.3 Rp. 168,800,000.00
XENIA R AT 1.3 Rp. 168,800,000.00
XENIA R AT 1.3 ATTIVO Rp. 180,300,000.00
XENIA R AT 1.3 FAMILY Rp. 174,000,000.00
XENIA R AT 1.3 SPORTY Rp. 174,900,000.00
XENIA R AT 1.3 STANDARD Rp. 157,700,000.00
XENIA R MT 1.3 Rp. 155,700,000.00
XENIA R MT 1.3 SPORTY Rp. 164,800,000.00
XENIA R MT 1.3 ATTIVO Rp. 170,000,000.00
XENIA R MT 1.3 FAMILY Rp. 163,900,000.00
XENIA R MT 1.3 STANDARD Rp. 146,200,000.00
XENIA X MT 1.3 STANDARD Rp. 142,200,000.00

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